Monaco selected to host the 2016 Skål World Congress

Monaco presented its candidature to host the 2016 Skål World Congress last 27th October in Mexico City

The International Board of Skål had short listed Rome, Lima and Monaco and the three destinations were asked to go to Mexico City to make the final presentation.

Monaco’s delegation was composed of Constantine Panoussi, F.M.,AITT, President of Skal International Monaco, and Managing Director, Go Travel In Style, Antonio Ducceschi, Vice President Skal International Monaco and Regional Director of Sales & Marketing Europe for FRHI Hotels and Chairman of the 2016 Skal World Congress Committee, Zhang Zhang, member of Skal International Monaco and the Monaco Philharmonic Orchestra, and , Birgit Reimann, Secretary of the Skal International Monaco, and Director Go Travel In Style

The three selected destinations presented their candidature on Monday 27th October in front of 500 Skal Members of which 180 had the right to vote.

Monaco’s presentation was rich in content, targeted and relevant to the audience, strong on emotions flawless in the execution and unanimously judged as the best presentation.

The final result of the vote was Monaco 98, Rome 52, Lima 38 reflecting the appreciation of the audience which was captured by the strong opening message given by the Constantine Panoussi, by the clear and dynamic presentation of the program given by Antonio Ducceschi who explained why Monaco was the right choice and touched upon business performance, green policies, quality of infrastructures, variety of entertainment choices and cultural values.

The final winning element was the touching story of Zhang Zhang who not only gave a short performance with the violin but told her story of growing up in post cultural revolution China in a 9 square meter room in Beijing, who found in Monaco generous support and encouragement from both the government and the local community, contributing to her professional success and music for philanthropy achievements through ZHANGOMUSIQ. Her presentation demonstrated clearly that Monaco is not just about the rich and famous, but also a country that genuinely cares about human values, respecting cultural diversity and artistic accomplishments, a land of unique opportunities.

SKAL Monaco gives a special thanks for the support to the Monaco Tourism Authority, the Grimaldi Forum and lastly to the agency Publicreation represented by Marzia Folegani for the huge work done in the preparation of the bid.

The 2016 Skål World Congress will then take place October 29th to November 2nd and 1.000 Skal members are expected to attend from all over the World.

Constantine Ponoussi, F.M.,A.I.T.T Antonio Ducceschi, CMM CHBA

President, Skal International Monaco (Club #53) Chairman of the 2016 Skal World Congress Committee


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